• Who are the developers, what other developments have they done?

    Cri-Eagle Investments (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited (a Fortune 500 company). The developments they have done includes but not limited to:

    • Eagle Canyon Golf Estate
    • Werksmans Attorney’s new offices in Sandton
    • Sandton Skye Tower 1.

  • Has the SDP and rezoning been approved?

  • What deposit is required?

    A minimum of 10% subject to a 90% mortgage.
  • Do I have to pay transfer duty?

  • What costs apart from the purchase price am I responsible for?

    Transfer costs, bond costs and Bank initiation fees if a bond is required.
  • Who are the Mortgage originators?

    BetterBond home loans.
  • How many floors are in the building?

    Ground floor and 15 floors of residential apartments.
  • Number of units available?

  • Who are the developers Attorneys?

    Tonkin Clacey Incorporated, Rosebank.
  • Does my deposit earn interest and at what rate?

    Yes, the deposit will be invested in the attorney’s trust account and it will accrue interest at the then prevailing rate, currently at 5.5% per annum.
  • When will construction start?

    Estimated in March 2019, subject to required pre-sales target having being achieved.
  • How long will it take to complete once construction commences?

    24 months.
  • Realistically when can I plan for occupation?

    Generally 1 month after completion of construction, the developer will give a minimum of 1 month notice for occupation.
  • Can I choose my finishes?

    Yes, selection of 3 colour schemes would be available once construction starts.
  • What is the floor to ceiling height?

    The ceiling heights are 3000mm to skimmed soffits.
  • Is there Fibre?

    Yes, high speed fibre backbone is in place.
  • Are the units double glazed?

    No, but the façade has low-E glass.
  • Does the price include Air-conditioning?

    No air-conditioning to units besides penthouses.
  • How much are the Levies?

    Levies are estimated at R35/m2.
  • Can I sell before taking transfer?

    Not until all the developer’s units have been sold and not without the developer’s permission.
  • When is Tower 3 planned for?

    Once Tower 2 has been built and pre-sales target for Tower 3 has been achieved.